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The Positive Impact of Having Fun At Work

The idea of being able to have fun at work and people being allowed to express their individuality and creativity is becoming increasingly important to workers. Indeed, rather than being a waste of time and taking away from the ‘real work’ of companies, fun can have real added value. There are reasons why major companies are making their workplaces and work cultures include fun and individuality. Fun at work can be something that leads to increased job satisfaction, team building and improved morale.

7 Tips to Promote a Positive Work Culture

Workplace Culture has never been so important. Not only does a positive culture reduce employee stress, increase engagement and lead to higher productivity and creativity, it also can help organizations in their ability to recruit and retain valued staff. This article explores 7 tips to achieve a positive workplace culture, so team members can be happier at work and organizations can thrive.

Don’t Get Busy, Get Productive

When we feel totally overwhelmed our default reaction is often to either shut down totally or get ‘crazy busy’.
When we ‘get busy’ as a reaction to feeling overwhelmed, we are often still not really making headway. It is very often just reactive and does not really lead to progress. It is far better to be able to have a clear and focused picture of exactly what you need to do and then work smarter, not harder.

It’s the Season, to have a Reason

The starting point for any of us, regardless of our work, has to be why are we doing it in the first place. What is the reason you are doing this job; what is the driving goal behind all the hard work? If you don’t have a purpose and reason for your work, then chances are you are also not being an effective leader, being productive or setting a positive tone.

7 Tips to Have More Productive Meetings

Having too many meetings is a complaint often heard by those working in both the for profit and non-profit world. Meetings can be viewed as being a waste of time, having no clear purpose and lacking results. Meetings can, however, be a great way to make decisions, share ideas and work towards goals. Here are 7 tips to having more productive meetings.

Getting Going

My overall goal is to create a dialogue about strategies to inspire and support people to do their best work, while also developing organizational cultures that are positive, respectful, productive and focused on the mission of each specific organization. It should give readers a few ideas, be a forum for others to share their ideas and ultimately create a community of those looking to be a little more inspired in their work and truly make a positive difference.