Getting Going

Oftentimes the first step can be the most difficult one. It has now been well over a year since I started talking to people about my intention to start a blog focusing on sharing ideas and resources for people working in management and leadership roles in non-profit organizations. At this point, I have written down lots of ideas, researched all kinds of different topics, I’ve even written multiple drafts of posts, but I still have been unable to commit and actually put something out in the world. Yes, I am definitely a procrastinator and I also have a hard time putting myself and my ideas ‘out there’, but at this point I am really starting to annoy myself, let alone the people around me, with my dilly dallying.

Indeed, as I sit here, ready to finally get going, I instead googled ‘quotes about procrastination’ (I thought a quote would be a nice way to start this post and add an air of legitimacy to it – a quote always looks intelligent, doesn’t it?). Then I quickly realized the irony of not putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), because I was instead googling procrastination quotes – Lord help me.

So here goes, it might not be perfect, it might not be the best thing ever put out on the internet, but I do know it definitely won’t be the worst and it hopefully will be of interest to others. So, I am going to take my own advice (actually Gretchen Rubin’s and I think originally Voltaire’s, but I definitely use it a lot) and not ‘let the perfect be the enemy of the good’ (yeah, I got a quote in there finally). Also, I am currently trapped on an 8 hour flight from Amsterdam to Boston and I’ve just paid over $20 for in-flight Wi-Fi, so it is as good a time as any to get this show on the road.

This blog is definitely not going to be tried and true methods put together by leading experts in the field. It is going to be me, sharing some ideas that I have; some that will work out and some that definitely will not. But I will promise to keep trying different things and sharing them here, as I believe in the work I am doing and the work others are doing in non-profit organizations. We may not be making huge salaries or getting the corporate ‘perks’, but we are all trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

My overall goal is to create a dialogue about strategies to inspire and support people to do their best work, while also developing organizational cultures that are positive, respectful, productive and focused on the mission of each specific organization. It should give readers a few ideas, be a forum for others to share their ideas and ultimately create a community of those looking to be a little more inspired in their work and truly make a positive difference.

I plan to share at least one blog post a week based on a particular idea or area of thought at that time, as well as frequent posts on the how-tos of management – those tips and tricks that really help develop management and leadership skills. I want it to be inspiring and thought provoking, but also be a practical resource that will leave people (including myself) feeling a little more competent in their role.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this and for being part of this journey. Please share feedback, comments and ideas; I really want to learn from others and get as many varying perspectives and different approaches as possible. I think this will help us all do a little better every day.


5 Replies to “Getting Going”

  1. Thanks for stepping out and starting this. Eager to continue reading:)


    1. Thanks so much Jeff. When we did the Leadership program I loved having a community of like minded people, sharing ideas and resources. My hope is that this will be a similar thing where everyone shares their ideas. I know you have lots of great ideas, so thank-you so much for following this and I look forward to seeing your comments and feedback.


  2. Chloe: This is great. How to subscribe to ensure I am on the list to read your blogs?

    I am excited to see what comes next.


    1. Thanks so much Mara. At the bottom of this page you should see a place to enter your email – if you do this then you will get an email when I post something.


  3. This is great, so glad you are doing this, you are an inspiration


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