Listen Up

Great listening skills are often underrated and undervalued, which is unfortunate, because being able to truly listen is arguably one of the most important skills a leader (or anyone) can have.
Listening helps develop trusting relationships, avoids communication problems and improves your ability to work with diverse teams. This article offers 5 tips on how to be a better listener.

7 Tips to Promote a Positive Work Culture

Workplace Culture has never been so important. Not only does a positive culture reduce employee stress, increase engagement and lead to higher productivity and creativity, it also can help organizations in their ability to recruit and retain valued staff. This article explores 7 tips to achieve a positive workplace culture, so team members can be happier at work and organizations can thrive.

It’s the Season, to have a Reason

The starting point for any of us, regardless of our work, has to be why are we doing it in the first place. What is the reason you are doing this job; what is the driving goal behind all the hard work? If you don’t have a purpose and reason for your work, then chances are you are also not being an effective leader, being productive or setting a positive tone.