Self-Care For Caregivers During Covid-19

There is virtually nothing else on anyone’s mind at the moment except Coronavirus. Most of us are feeling very overwhelmed and for many in the nonprofit world there is the additional pressure of needing to be ‘strong’ for others during this time. For those who care for others there is always the need to also prioritize self-care too and this is especially needed right now. Here are some tips to help you take care of the most important person in your life – YOU.

It’s the Season, to have a Reason

The starting point for any of us, regardless of our work, has to be why are we doing it in the first place. What is the reason you are doing this job; what is the driving goal behind all the hard work? If you don’t have a purpose and reason for your work, then chances are you are also not being an effective leader, being productive or setting a positive tone.

Getting Going

My overall goal is to create a dialogue about strategies to inspire and support people to do their best work, while also developing organizational cultures that are positive, respectful, productive and focused on the mission of each specific organization. It should give readers a few ideas, be a forum for others to share their ideas and ultimately create a community of those looking to be a little more inspired in their work and truly make a positive difference.